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Ponctuations creates artisanal small leather goods, both functional and playful, that mix maroquinerie traditions and vernacular folk techniques. Worn around the neck, just like a series of modern amulets, these objects redefine the very essence of leather accessories. A modular collection of card holders, key rings and phone cases, practical and ingenious.

For this first collection Ponctuations intro- duces a series of small leather goods accessories in four classic and timeless calf skin colors. These sophisticated hues are animated by bandana covered laces, revisiting the traditional leather braiding techniques pertaining to saddlery and folk accessories.

The two-tone iconic Americana print, brings an unexpected twist to these elegantly crafted pieces.

Sourced in Europe, the calf leather is the star- ting point of each piece. The skins, all by-products of the food industry, are selected for their hand and grain and are worked according to their intrinsic qualities with no added inter- facing or lining With their mineral tanning process with natural finishing, they will age beautifully, gaining this unique patina that defines our most treasured accessories through time.

Ponctuations crafts a dialog between leather and unexpected materials, bringing wit and sophistication to any outfit. True classics, yet versatile, they literally punctuate our looks, from dawn to evening, from casual to formal.

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