Brown phone sleeve multicolored embroidery

Denali phone sleeve

In brown calf leather

Americana multicolored embroidery

Card slot in the back

Ajustable leather cord, metallic silver tip


Cord lenght – 25 à 55 cm


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    This summer 2024 season, Ponctuations explores the aesthetics of the American Southwest. By drawing from its unique color scheme, textiles and leather traditions, the bags, key rings and cardholders are decorated with geometric compositions echoing the diverse cultural legacies of the region.

    The notion of craft becomes a territory to hybridize techniques. The beloved tradition of friendship bracelets translated into embroidery stitches onto leather.
    The vivid colors speak of the landscape and natural environment which local artists and artisans have long been inspired by. The abstract yet symmetrical patterns draw as much from native iconography as from its modern counterpart found in the works of artists such Oklahoma-born Leon Polk Smith.
    An opportunity to revisit Ponctuations’ artisanal spirit imbued by its appreciation of Americana and Boy Scouts’ DYI and handmade ingenuities.